Home Price Growth Slows to 2-Year Low in August

U.S. Home Price Growth Slows to 2-Year Low in August

  • A new CoreLogic report says that home prices rose by 5.5 percent year over year in August, with appreciation expected to further slow by the same time next year.
  • California home prices were up by 7.5 percent from August 2017, and gains are projected to increase slightly by August 2019.
  • The San Francisco metropolitan area posted a 9.8 percent annual home price increase, the second-highest growth rate in the 10 major U.S. cities for which the company tracks statistics.

America’s housing market continues to see annual price appreciation, but gains are beginning to ease, driven in part by higher mortgage rates. Potential homebuyers in California and the Bay Area, however, are not seeing as much relief, with prices growing at roughly double the national rate. Read more on the @bethanywpatten

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