California Has Largest Public School Real Estate Premiums in U.S.


Many children in the U.S. head back to school this week, and it’s likely their parents paid a premium if their drop-off is only a few short blocks away.

It costs millions of dollars to live within walking distance of some of America’s most well-rated public schools, according to data from, which ranked the most expensive neighborhoods within steps of a highly-rated public school. To come up with the list, they looked at home prices within a mile radius of most public primary and secondary schools across the United States to find out which have the priciest environs, and then narrowed the list down to schools scoring eight or higher on

Coastal cities and their suburbs dominated the list, with America’s most expensive prime public school areas dotting California—from the mansion-speckled towns around Silicon Valley to the affluent school district of Rancho Santa Fe, outside of San Diego. Read more on the @bethanywpatten
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