Most New California Homes Have Smart Features

Anyone buying a newly constructed home in the Golden State is likely to get the latest technologies as part of the deal, which could be good news should they ever decide to sell.

Research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that 60 percent of U.S. homebuyers will pay extra for a home that has smart features. Three-quarters of buyers are willing to pay more for a wireless security system, 60 percent for a smart phone-controlled thermostat, and 54 percent for automated lighting.

As one of the nation’s premier technology hubs, California is near the front of the pack when it comes to smart-home technology adoption. 

To make it easier for Bay Area homebuyers to adopt smart-home technology, Pacific Union forged a partnership with industry leader Nest labs in early 2017. This alliance allows our brokerage’s real estate professionals to equip their clients with smart phone-controlled thermostats, smoke detectors, and security systems. Read more on the @bethanywpatten



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