Should You List Your Home Off-Market? A FAQ


Any tips for listing my home off-market?

As we mentioned, shopping a home privately can be beneficial even if you aren’t a local celeb. In a hot market, it may even drum up some good offers. But if privacy isn’t your main concern, it’s wise to stick to a predetermined timeline. Your best bet is to list privately for two or three weeks, and then, if it hasn’t sold, list publicly.

I’m in the market to buy a house. How do I find out about off-market home listings?

A well-connected agent can help. Go for a neighborhood expert wherever you’re buying—they’ll be plugged into what’s being shopped around off-market. There are also a growing number of websites that can give you a preview of what’s to come, like Pacific Union International’s new Private View site. Read more on the @bethanywpatten blog.

24% of properties are SOLD Off-Market, to learn more: EMAIL or CALL me TODAY!

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